Change Log

Planned "Maybe"
  • VIP: War Radar feature
  • More in-depth Stats
  • Update the War Mismatch feature
  • Display more Alliance histories in UI
  • Discord bot
  • and more...
2024 April
  • UI tweaks to improve mobile spacing
2024 Feb Update 2
  • Bookmarks are now synchronized for logged in users
  • Further UI Fixes & Improvements
2024 Feb
  • Responsive website design (Mobile UI), and lots of UI improvements
2024 January
  • League Season 3 and new weight calculation
  • Alliance: Show alliance medals, popularity, updated win ratio and ties
  • Player: Show player medals
  • Wars: paginated alliance wars page to improve performance
  • Added medals requirement filter in Alliances and Recruitment
  • Data: Filled player joined alliance dates for all players after website launch
  • Fixed NTG date calculation
  • Improved the performance of a few common access points
  • UI: various tweaks
2023 December
  • Backend: fixed long term downtime issue - migrated
2023 February
  • Backend: improved performance and data importing
2022 July-August (1 Year Update)
  • VIP: revamped Parliament page with more info and analysis
  • Feature: New Player page
  • Feature: New Home page
  • Feature: New Chatbot (Pompus)
  • Many small improvements, new info shown and UI tweaks
2022 June
  • League: new Alliance Weights, new League Season
  • League: League Badge
  • Backend: Updated Weight calculation
  • Some bug fixes
2022 May
  • UI: Various UI improvements
  • Feature: VIP system
  • Feature: Login system
  • VIP: Parliament page
  • VIP: War Stars for all Alliances
2022 April
  • War Stars in Wars page
  • Feature: Custom Live Alliance Compare
  • Feature: Player Bookmarks
  • Developer's Diary
  • Backend: improvements for Leader Features
2022 March
  • UI: Updated wars page to include more wars + optimized load speed + some cool ui edits
  • Stats: fixed a bug in total donation in top calc
  • Player Donation ratio (suggestion by a community member)
  • Backend: Badges foundation
  • Feature: Is Time War + Is Close War
  • UI: Parliament Categories
  • Backend: Parliament Info Categorized
  • UI: Parliament History + Some fixes
  • Leader Feature: Verified Alliances
  • Leader Feature: Alliance Country
  • Leader Feature: Alliance Contact
2022 February
  • Backend: more War data stored
  • Feature: Alliance Compare (non-custom)
  • Stats: Mismatches count/percent + biggest daily mismatch
  • UI: League and League Ranking in War history
  • Feature: War Mismatch
  • Feature: Alliance Bookmarks
  • Stats: 10 Biggest Player XP Gain/Loss
  • UI: improvements for Stats
  • Backend: tracking alliance views (double)
  • Backend: parliament history