Is DomiStats affiliated with
Not really.
Why DomiStats?
DomiNations deserved a good website for its loyal playerbase, most online games have similar venues.
How do alliances get assigned a war-league?
Alliances are put into leagues based on their assigned weight at the start of a "season".
Inactive alliances are put into unranked league.
How is weight calculated in DomiStats?
We use our own algorithm that isn't closely related to in-game weight calculation.
Is weight calculation accurate?
It has its flaws due to the limitation of the data we have, but we're currently working on improving it through a new algorithm.
What is a Mismatch war?
We use our own algorithm to determine if the war was a mismatch.
We include many factors, but mainly: bases in the specific war and their DomiStats weights.
Currently; glory, ranking, win ratio, and war result are not factored in.
What are yellow/red circles?
Yellow: a player with "too quick XP gain" to raise some sus flags.
Red: a player who lost XP, most likely through an in-game rollback, a more serious sign of "sus" activity.
I'm marked as yellow/red by mistake?
Contact us with details and we'll review as soon as we can.
Can you show more info about alliances/players?
Possibly in the future, we're looking into "what" can be shown and "how" to show it, all the time.
How to get my alliance a "verified" status/icon?
Go to your alliance page in DomiStats > login as leader > add your contact info + country > you become verified.
What does "verified" status provide?
Verfied alliances are always in top of recruitment page + a cool icon and more.
I have an idea and want to help with DomiStats?
Can you do feature XYZ?
Can I cooperate with DomiStats?
We're open to ideas and all help is appreciated, contact us.
No gurantee we can do it, but if possible we will try.
Why is the website showing ads now?
We had to show ads to offset some of the cost of making and running DomiStats. We're thinking of different ways, but for now this was the simplest way of sustaining the website.
We've made it that you can hide ads in the page you're currently viewing.
Can I donate to DomiStats?
Yes, and would be apprecated :)
See Support DomiStats page.
Are there any new features coming soon to DomiStats?
We have a long list of features that we think are exciting. Due to limited time, we have to prioritize and pick.
Stay tuned :-)
Any more questions?
Contact us.

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