Ally of ꒒α ꒟оꊂʄяє́яιє


Created2015/04 Joined Alliance3month 22d 20h War Locked3month 16d
All Donated2044 All Received7501 Ratio0.27 Medals4391
Player History

Alliance History

# of Alliances Visited12 Suspicious Alliances8 (67%) Avg Alliance Glory21043 Avg Alliance Ranking#5144 Highest Ranked Alliance Momineen #3 34293 Longest Stay ꒒α ꒟оꊂʄяє́яιє #9 31182 405 days Longest Cumlative Stay ꒒α ꒟оꊂʄяє́яιє #9 31182 848 days See Full Alliance History

XP History

Highest XP Jump+82050 on 2024/01/07 Avg Daily XP3062 See Full XP History