Lord Helmchen

Council of MG Nest


Created2015/04 Joined Alliance6month 6d 16h War Locked6month 8d
All Donated33688 All Received9350 Ratio3.6 Medals5120
Player History

Alliance History

# of Alliances Visited12 Suspicious Alliances3 (25%) Avg Alliance Glory21949 Avg Alliance Ranking#4888 Highest Ranked Alliance German Warfare #7 32411 Longest Stay ☆Hauwech GmbH☆ #178 24489 331 days Longest Cumlative Stay ☆Hauwech GmbH☆ #178 24489 879 days See Full Alliance History

XP History

Highest XP Jump+135560 on 2022/06/28 Avg Daily XP2342 See Full XP History