Felipe El Grand

Council of InvictusWizards


Created2016/04 Joined Alliance10d 19h War Locked11d
All Donated2742 All Received1127 Ratio2.43 Medals1062
Player History

Alliance History

# of Alliances Visited11 Suspicious Alliances3 (27%) Avg Alliance Glory22223 Avg Alliance Ranking#841 Highest Ranked Alliance HORD@ DE Pⓐnⓓaⓢ #7 31813 Longest Stay VIEJAS LEYENDAS #1771 16783 434 days Longest Cumlative Stay LAHØRDA #52 27066 866 days See Full Alliance History

XP History

Highest XP Jump+79765 on 2019/11/20 Avg Daily XP4791 See Full XP History