Ally of 누벨 Avengers


Created2020/04 Joined Alliance6month 7d 8h War Locked5month 16d
All Donated7307 All Received13845 Ratio0.53 Medals5343
Player History

Alliance History

# of Alliances Visited3 Suspicious Alliances2 (67%) Avg Alliance Glory27748 Avg Alliance Ranking#77 Highest Ranked Alliance 누벨바그 #17 29600 Longest Stay 누벨 Avengers #196 24257 330 days Longest Cumlative Stay 누벨 Avengers #196 24257 330 days See Full Alliance History

XP History

Highest XP Jump+731527 on 2023/09/07 Avg Daily XP3762 See Full XP History